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Hazel can be booked as a guest speaker, offering the following talk titles:


  • Making The Most of What You're Got - looking at how to use space to grow fruit and vegetables and how to make the best use of what you have grown

  • Growing Food Not Gluts - looking at how gluts can be avoided during the planning and planting process of a kitchen garden and then exploring ways to use what you have grown so that it doesn't go to waste

  • Saving The Planet One Plant At A Time - looking at the positive impact gardening has on the environment and examples of effortless ways gardeners help to save the planet on a daily basis

  • Kitchen Gardening - Is it Worth it? - Back in December 2000 Hazel was featured in The Kitchen Garden Magazine after meticulously recording the monetary value of the produce from her allotment. 20 years on, she did it again to see what had changed. But is money the only value of growing your own food?

Hazel has been giving talks since 2011 and has spoken to audiences such as gardening clubs, WI, U3A and retired teacher associations. Her talks are always enthusiastically received and she has been invited back to some venues to offer a different talk. Any venue within an hour's drive of Milton Keynes will be considered.

Book Hazel

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