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Our Story

JamMK is an award-winning family business established in order to make a range of truly local jam, chutney and other preserves from produce grown within Milton Keynes.

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Genuinely Local


The preserves within the JamMK range are made from fruit and vegetables grown within the unitary authority of Milton Keynes*. They are all handmade in small quantities and sold within Milton Keynes. Consequently, there are very few food miles associated with a JamMK product.


*Some fruit & vegetables used in our products, such as citrus fruit, can't be grown in Milton Keynes, but the final products contain as much Milton Keynes sourced produce & ingredients as possible.

All other ingredients used to make the products are sourced as locally as possible. The granulated sugar used is from sugar beet grown in the east of England, rather than cane sugar grown in the tropics.


Cider, whisky, brandy and cider vinegar are from Wharf Distillery. Ale is from Concrete Cow Brewery. And honey is from Bow Brickhill


All this care and attention leads to a range of products that taste fantastic and are morally good to buy. They make a great gift to buy to share your pride in Milton Keynes with friends and family or as a souvenir to remember your visit.


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