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Things To Do With Chutney

Serve it with a cheeseboard


Add it to a cheese sandwich


Include it in a buffet


Enjoy it with cold meat


Add it to a curry

Eat it with a curry - Lime Chutney, Mock Mango Chutney and Devilishly Dark Pumpkin Pickle are particularly good for this

Add it to a burger - Gherkin Burger Relish, Jalapeno Relish and Roasted Onion Chutney are all great

Make cheese and chutney tartlets or buffet-sized pasties

Add it to a cheese toastie

Add it to a casserole

Eat it with pate

Eat it with cheese and crackers

Have it with a pork pie

Add it to a salad

Dollop it on a hotdog

Stick your chips in it

Top a baked potato with it

Top a stuffed mushroom with it

Combine with sausagemeat in a sausage roll

Make sweet and sour sauce with it - Tomato & Cucumber Chutney is particularly good for this

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